Works on Skype 2. Had to invoke from terminal with following command note that package libv4l1 must be installed: The QuickCam driver is currently available in two forms. It can also apply some special effects. Cheap camera; no microphone. If you press Enter, I’ll try to continue anyway, but this probably will fail.

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Remember that Skype cannot access a camera video stream if another program like Cheese or guvcview is already viewing it. The webcam works well in those applications with the mouse unplugged.

Open a terminal window. Works great, but does not scale in full-screen mode due to known bug non-accelerated X11 problem.

Linux Driver for Quickcam USB cameras

Is it possible to do anything with it? Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks If you don’t have that library already installed, install it with “apt-get install libv4l May need to restart Skype Logitech Webcam C February 7th, 5.


It does not ship out of the box with new versions of ubuntu.

Works fine out of the box Macally IceCam2 8. This program prints information about the devices connected to the USB bus.


Cheese is included in the Main repositories since Ubuntu 8. Please run this as an ordinary user.

Works fine after editing Skype launcher to run like this: Cheese should automatically detect your webcam and display live video stream. Not up there but not down there! Get it from the Sourceforge release page.

SkypeWebCams – Ubuntu Wiki

Logitech Webcam Pro for Business. Works out of the box with Cheese. Cheese and guvcview works out of the box.

Trust Widescreen HD Webcam 9. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. When root access is really needed, you will be prompted for the root password. Did you have a look at this page https: Visit the following links: Works perfectly out of the box. This has been tested with an old Logitech QuickCam Messenger, listed above as not working The gstreamer-properties test should show if your webcam works, more importantly it will show if your video driver has XV support.


They have been in the Universe repositories since Ubuntu 6. ZC Webcam by lsusb 8. Works out of the box, Skype 2. Next I’m going to check if you have some important programs installed and if they and the kernel are of suitable version.

To definitively identify your labtdc, the following information will be of use: Now checking if you have kernel source installed. Plug and play does labtex work.

It contains a superset qce-ga’s features and is the preferred driver. Logitech Quickcam Deluxe for Notebooks.